Scorebench Training

Have you ever been in the situation where you've gone watch a game of basketball that perhaps one of your children, niece, nephew or family member are playing, and a call goes out for someone to do the scorebench? Immediately, the butterflies start churning in your stomach and the anxiety level rises.

The key to overcoming this is to be equipped with the knowledge of what to do and being prepared to help out.

In the junior leagues around the Taranaki region, there are 2 key roles to do on the bench. One is to look after the scoreboard and clock and update it as each team scores. The other role is to complete the scoresheet which maintains a record of what's happened during the game.

To learn how to fill out a scoresheet, go to the Scoresheet tab under this heading. This will take you to a FIBA endorsed training video on the proper way to complete a scoresheet.

In the Taranaki Secondary School league, full FIBA rules are followed, and this requires the need to run a 'stop clock' and a '24/14 second' clock. This effectively means the number of people on the scorebench increases to a minimum of 3 people, but ideally 4 people. 

These four people each look after:

- scoresheet

- 24/14 second clock

- stop clock

- the scoreboard including team fouls, timeouts and team scores

If you would like more information on the roles on a scorebench, please complete the registration form under this tab and someone will be in touch to work with you on it.